Wolfgang Stiller

Wolfgang Stiller is a German multidisciplinary artist born in 1961,  His artworks include Sculpture, drawings, installations and paintings.

He has received his education in Kunstakademie Düsseldorf Fine Art Academy and multiple awards. He has had more than  140 solo and group exhibitions and his artworks are presented in the international galleries and museum collections. Stiller works have been exhibited throughout the US  Austria, England, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Turkey, China and Japan.

  • "The matchstick men series for instance are a metaphor for our limited life span. A reminder of the fact that this human existence, this body will vanish one day. Some people see it as a threat, but to me, it has a clearly positive meaning since facing this inevitable could remind us to make the most out of every moment."

  • "Fine art is a more distant and reflective medium. If the audience is not making an effort it is very hard for them to get an emotional connection to the work.

1961 -
Nationality: German
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