Quotes have been used through the centuries as inspiration, wisdom, and discussion points for many, and we love them. Yet when it comes to art quotes they have consisted largely of famous artists who have long left the realm of the living. 

The Quotes by Living Artists platform comes from our desire to hear more living artists’ voices. Whether that is the voice of a well-established or an up-and-coming artist, there is wisdom worth sharing.

Artists, Gallerists, Curators, and Collectors have worked together for years, sharing endless insight into the world of art, the Artworld, and the creative inner world. 

Artfundi acknowledges that every artist’s journey is unique as no one experiences life and art in exactly the same way. We would love to hear what you have to say and let’s give everyone more opportunities to understand the creative mind. 

As part of our plan to make artists’ voices heard, Artfundi is launching an Artists in Conversation audio room in partnership with Angle Audio. This is the perfect opportunity to join our Artists Community and enjoy great conversations with other artists. 

To celebrate Artists, join our Audio Rooms at 3 pm Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) / 5 pm SAST / 10 am ET every Thursday. Join our conversation HERE.

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All quotes will be used on social media platforms and each artist will be given an opportunity to show one of their works, links to their website/social media accounts, and a brief bio on our site. All submitted quotes will need to be original. Please choose your words wisely! The platform is curated. To submit an artist quote, please click HERE.

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