Shui-Lyn White

Shui-Lyn White is an artist who uses the gestural and textural evocations of paint to explore how we are in the world. Her works delve below the surface of persona to illuminate how we form and inhabit the space called the 'self' - creating an emotional subsurface scattering. Her art practice meditates on how we in our most subliminal form move through time and space to arrive at a place that we can call home. Each art work can be seen as a ‘letter’ inviting the viewer to be grounded in the here and now of their being.

“I love the way a line leads into a journey. One that can never be quite anticipated. This is to step into the unknown, to catch a glimpse of a world beneath the world.”

”One of the hardest things is to be present. It’s tempting to create something that fulfils someone else’s ideas of good but the challenge is to find what comes from one’s self. And this means being present. 

Nationality: Chinese-British